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The calculation of indicator is a straightforward ratio of the value (current US dollar) of those developed countries duty free imports from least developed countries, compared with the total value of imports from these respective country groups. Imports and imported value of goods (merchandise) are goods that add to the stock of material resources of a country by entering its economic territory. Goods simply being transported through a country (goods in transit) or temporarily admitted (except for goods for inward processing) are not included. In many cases, a country's economic territory largely coincides with its customs territory, which is the territory in which the customs laws of a country apply in full.

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Commodities and transactions not classified elsewhere in the SITC (Exports SITC 9), million $ Chemicals and related products, n.e.s. (Exports SITC 5), % Exports of financial services Chemicals and related products, n.e.s. (Imports SITC 5), million $

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