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It covers financial intermediary and auxiliary services, except insurance and pension fund services, provided by banks and other financial corporations. They include deposit taking and lending, letters of credit, credit card services, commissions and charges related to financial leasing, factoring, underwriting, and clearing of payments. Also included are financial advisory services, custody of financial assets or bullion, financial asset management, monitoring services, liquidity provision services, risk assumption services other than insurance, merger and acquisition services, credit rating services, stock exchange services, and trust services. Financial services may be charged for by: (i) explicit charges; (ii) margins on buying and selling transactions; (iii) asset management costs deducted from property income receivable in the case of asset-holding entities; or (iv) margins between interest payable and the reference rate on loans and deposits (called financial intermediation service charges indirectly measured - FISIM).

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Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes (Exports SITC 4), % Commodities and transactions not classified elsewhere in the SITC (Imports SITC 9), % Crude materials, inedible, except fuels (Exports SITC 2), % Tariff simple average, Agricultural products

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