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It includes (i) Research and development services, (ii) Professional and management consulting services and (iii) Technical, trade-related and other business services. (i) Research and development services consist of services that are associated with basic and applied research, and experimental development of new products and processes. (ii) Professional and management consulting services include (a) legal services, accounting, management consulting, managerial services, and public relations services; and (b) advertising, market research, and public opinion polling services. (iii) Technical, trade-related, and other business services include: (a) architectural, engineering, and other technical services; (b) waste treatment and depollution, agricultural, and mining services; (c) operating leasing services; (d) trade-related services; and (e) other business services n.i.e.

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Crude materials, inedible, except fuels (Imports SITC 2), % Exports of maintenance and repair services, n.i.e. Food and live animals (Exports SITC 0), million $ Beverages and tobacco (Exports SITC 1), %

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